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Top 5 Italian Holiday Dessert Recıpes

2018 10 October Panettone Holiday 35 (1)

Around the holidays, we find ourselves starting feeling a little golosi, or indulgent – but how could we not with the explosion of brightly wrapped sweets adorning the shelves of our holiday markets ?

From fluffy panettone cakes to chewy nougat, read on to explore the best holiday dessert recipes from across the peninsula.

In Italy, it wouldn’t be a holiday feast without something sweet to finish. From Milano to Verona and beyond, some of the most widespread holiday desserts find their origins in centuries –old recipes that are still celebrated to this day. The result? An abundance of cakes, bidcotti, nougat, and more, which can even symbolize love and good wishes, anda re perfect for sharing and gifting alike.



The number one Christmas dessert in Italy? It has to be panettone, the pillowy, puffed-up holiday cake that finds its origins in Milano as far back as the 15th century (brush up on the origin story here). While panettone is rarely, if ever, made at home, you can dress it up with crema al mascarpone, sweet spreads, or enjoy simply with a glass of dessert wine.


Made from a rich, eggy dough, this “ golden bread” is baked in an eight-pointed star-shaped pan that gives it its signature form. Modeled after the mountains near Verona, a dusting of powdered sugar adds a snowy icing to finish off each pandoro cake. Check out a few of our favorite ways to pair these cakes !



The first documentation of torrone in Italy came from the city of Cremona in 1441, where it was served during a royal wedding ceremony. Today, torrone is a holiday favorite, when it sold throughout Italy’s many holiday markets and confectionaries. Though this nougat can be hard and crunchy, we’re partial to the melange of textures found in this soft and chewy version, studded with nuts.



The perfect balance of coffee and weetness, tiramisu appropriately translates to “pick-me-up.” The spoonable Italian dessert is traditionally made with ladyfingers dipped in espresso, layered with a rich creamy mixture, and finished with a generous sprinkling of cocoa powder. Make as a sweet treat to feed a crowd!



The Tuscan answer to biscotti, these twice-baked almond cookies are extra crunchy and ideal for setting out as holiday cookies or wrapping up as homemade gifts. In Toscana, cantucci are traditionally dunked in Vin Santoi sweet dessert wine – but they are also perfect for dunking in coffee or tea.

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Buon appetito!