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6 Ways to Pair Panettone

2018 10 October Panettone Holiday 11

Sweet and fluffy, panettone is Italy’s most popular cake for the holidays. Each puffed dome is made with %100 natural yeast, candied orange, and raisins.
While delicious served on its own, we like to dress it up for the holiday table.

Discover all the ways to pair panettone with our guide below!


1 -  GELATO :

Warm up a few slices in the oven and serve with a scoop of fresh gelato. We prefer the simple flavor of fior di latte gelato, but pistachio and chocolate would play well too!



Pick up a jar of your favorite chocolate- hazelnut spread and spread on top. Trust us: you’ll want to leave the jar on the table for seconds.



For a lighter pairing or holiday breakfast, toast a few slices of panettone and serve with a knob of butter and spoonful of orange marmalade. The flavors of the marmalade will bring out the citrus zest and cnadied orange used in the panettone.


4- VINO:

No Italians dish is complete without wine – not even panettone ! We suggest serving it alongside a glass of Moscato d’Asti. Sweet and sparkling, this bubbly wine is great for holiday toasting and compliments the citrus and yeasty flavors of the panettone.


5-  CAFFE :

The most classic panettone pairing of all ? Italians enjoy this cake most often with a cappucino in the morning for breakfast or with an espresso in the afternoon as a dessert.