Mamma Mia Mother's Day Special

We believe that the only universal cuisine in the world is the "mother's" cuisine! Because the most compassionate and delicious dishes come from this kitchen! If you want to get into the kitchen with your mother, experience Italian cuisine together and have a pleasant time, the "Mamma Mia" workshop is at Eataly Kitchen Workshop!


Polpette della Mamma / Mother's meatballs

Fresh Pasta fettuccine

Salsa di Pomodoro / Tomato sauce

panna cotta





Those who are not between the ages of 
5 and 9 will not be allowed into the
kitchen. Our programs take place with a minimum of 8 people. Tickets are valid for one mother +
one child It is not possible to cancel or change
the course taken. Eataly Mutfak Atölyesi
reserves the ability to make changes to
all information at any time and without
any warning.