Hamburger 670X370

Homemade Burger

Ciao! You will now learn how to prepare the burger, which everyone loves from 7 to 70, with homemade ingredients in every bite! At the Eataly Kitchen Workshop, you will discover the tricks of making a delicious burger patty with homemade sauces and accompaniments on Eataly's favorite hamburger bun. It's time to learn how to make your favorite flavors with Eataly!


Et burger

Tavuk burger

Confit domates

Confit sarımsaklı mayonez

İtalyan mayonez

Fırında patates


Minimum 6 person attendance required. 

Being at least 18 years required for attendance, 18 years old and above must have ticket. 

Stations will be one person. 

Cancellation and changement of purchased the lesson is not allowed .

Eataly Mutfak Atolyesi has the right to change all the information and notifications before the lesson, without informing. 

Tickets are valid for only one person.