Hamburger 670X370

Homemade Burger

Ciao! You will now learn how to prepare the burger, which everyone loves from 7 to 70, with homemade ingredients in every bite! At the Eataly Kitchen Workshop, you will discover the tricks of making a delicious burger patty with homemade sauces and accompaniments on Eataly's favorite hamburger bun. It's time to learn how to make your favorite flavors with Eataly!


Et burger

Tavuk burger

Confit domates

Confit sarımsaklı mayonez

İtalyan mayonez

Fırında patates


Workshops (except children's workshops) are for participants aged 18 and over.
Our programs take place with the participation of at least 4 people.
Tickets are for one person and only one person can work at each station.
There are absolutely no refunds or changes to tickets.
Before the workshop starts, ticket and participant name/ticket/age check is done.
A special "Eataly Workshop Participation Certificate" with a digital name is given in all workshops.
Eataly reserves the right to cancel the organization if deemed necessary by refunding the event fee paid by the participants.
Eataly reserves the right to change the content and date of events if deemed necessary.
In order to avoid excess food waste from the meals you cook during the workshop, you can bring your storage containers with you and take them home, so you can share them with your loved ones.
Workshops held at Eataly do not fall within the scope of "professional training". Workshops are for hobby and entertainment purposes; Depending on the type of activity, different theoretical information can be explained by the workshop leader.