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Discover South of Italy: Napels Food

We bring Italy to you at Eataly Kitchen Workshop, the most characteristic recipes of Italian cuisine are with you with our chefs! Naples... The birthplace of pizza, the homeland of buffalo milk mozzarella, the heart of Italian cuisine! Discover the secrets of Naples cuisine and learn the tricks of enchanting your loved ones with real Naples recipes.


Orata all'acqua pazza

Neapolitan sea bass


Pasta with black olives, garlic and tomato sauce

Torta Caprese

Almond and chocolate cake from the Capri region




Minimum 5 person attendance required. 

Being at least 17 years required for attendance, 18 years old and above must have ticket. 

Workshop will be in pair. 

Cancellation and changement of purchased the lesson is not allowed .

Eataly Mutfak Atolyesi has the right to change all the information and notifications before the lesson, without informing. 

Tickets are valid for only one person.